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We manage your property as if it's our own.

Contact us today to learn how we can assist you in managing your personal and residential properties to their best potential.

Our Concierge Services

We oversee all of your property projects from concept to completion.

We manage the care and maintenance of your property and possessions.

We secure the procurement, movement, and storage of your materials and possessions.

From our clients...

"Robert and Matt made the entire process of maintaining our new beach house headache free!"

- Tina H. | Bay Head, NJ

"The Upright team were great at making sure all of my concerns were taken care of - couldn't recommend them enough."

- Mark J. | Summit, NJ

"Responsive and on-top of it! From start to finish our entire project went smoothly, and I have peace of mind knowing I'm in good hands as you continue to maintain my properties.

- Paul Z. | Mendham, NJ

UpRight RPM

UpRight RPM (Residential Property Management)​ Will confidentially organize, plan and execute your desired vision. As your proxy, we will manage the overall administration of your

projects including hiring teams/vendors, setting timelines, adhering to budget while ensuring high standards and your overall vision. ​​


Matt and Robert formed a team in 2022 when both were spending a fair amount of time helping friends and family “getting stuff done” with homes, property, cars and boats.  Having both grown up with fathers/parents that were extremely “hands on” with maintaining and fixing any and all properties that needed attention.  Both Robert and Matt became indentured servants to their parents on all projects.  The byproduct of this torturous ordeal was they both gained an incredible amount of knowledge.  As they grew and they, their family and friends gained property this experience and knowledge became invaluable, whether to speak with contractors, analyze a bid or to do jobs themselves.  After working together for six months and realizing there is a need for this service, UpRight RPM was formed in October of 2023.  With a combined 50+ years of experience with getting things done – on time, on budget and correctly, Matt and Robert will exceed their clients’ wishes.   

Contact us today to bring your property to its' full potential.

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