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Our Story

We are UpRight RPM. Matt and Robert met in middle school through mutual friends at the shore and "up north" (Summit and Bernardsville respectively).  The two stayed friends throughout high school, college, and their early careers.  Matt went into sales and marketing with various luxury brands (Ralph Lauren, Kate Spade, Coach, Ghurka, & LVMH) both in the US and internationally.  Robert spent 20 years as an SVP, MD, and Senior Executive in a variety of industries including international trade, risk consulting, retail marketing, sales consulting, financial services, and biomedical device sales.

Having both grown up with parents who were extremely hands-on in maintaining and fixing any properties that needed attention, both Robert and Matt became indentured servants to their parents on all projects.  This was extremely challenging to their social lives but enabled them to gain a vast amount of knowledge in “getting things done”. As they remained friends throughout their adult lives, family and friends always turned to Matt and Robert to help with their own projects and tasks. Their experience and knowledge became invaluable- whether it was negotiating with contractors, analyzing a bid, or completing the project themselves.  

After helping one another and friends with various projects in late 2022 and early 2023, Matt and Robert realized there was a need for this service. UpRight RPM was formed in October of 2023.  With a combined 50+ years of experience with getting things done – on time, on budget, and correctly, Matt and Robert will exceed their clients wishes.

Meet The Team

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